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Dayspring Student Program Information

Combustion is our big event in the youth ministry. Combustion is a term to describe the process by which fire comes about, and three things must be present for this process to occur: oxygen, fuel and heat. Our goal in the youth ministry is to create a fire within our teens that will have eternal effects. On Sunday nights during Combustion PM, the three elements used to start the fire in our teens are God, the Bible and Christian community or fellowship. God will be praised and honored through worship and prayer, the Bible will be taught and the Christian community will exist through games, socializing with other Christian teens and several special events. Combustion occurs on Sunday nights from 6 - 7:30 PM. (Be sure to check the Events page for calendar / event schedule changes!)


COMBUSTION A.M. Sunday Morning Student Worship Service 
Students in grades 6-12 gather the first Sunday of every month for a student worship service at 10:45am. Teens meet in the Youth Room located in our new Community Center. (Be sure to check the Events page for calendar / schedule changes). 
Middle School Student Service
Students in grades 6-8 gather every Sunday at 10:45am for a student worship service which includes games, a teaching video, and small group time. Teens meet in the Youth Room located in our new Community Center. 

Student Small Groups
The second emphasis of youth ministry will occur through Student Small Groups. This ministry consists of groups with 7-10 teens with 2 adult leaders per group. Student Small Groups occur every Wednesday night (September - May) from 7 - 8:15. The purpose of meeting in small groups is to help the teens go deeper in their faith through talking out current situations in their lives, digging deeper into the Word and praying for one another. It is our prayer that the results of the teens meeting together in small groups be a real source of encouragement and strength in which the fire continues.

STUDENT EVENTS Throughout the year our students attend several events including a day at Magic Mountain, Winter Jam, Snow Tubing, a Fall Barn Bash / costume party, Laser Tag and many other fun events!  Be sure to LIKE us on Facebook for updates!



Mar 24, 2019
Dayspring Youth PM



You have lots of choices when it comes to churches. But, One size or style does NOT fit all. We understand that. Our goal is to stay a long way away from the two dominant reasons some people avoid church…dull and irrelevant. We try hard to be neither.

By the time you spend an hour or so on site at Dayspring we hope you will sense the energy, purpose and importance that we place on our times together. We attempt to help connect you with God and others around you.

Excellence in the areas of Worship, Children and Teens constitute our priorities. We have recently added to that our passion to connect with and serve our surrounding communities.

We want a person’s church experience to be positive, informative, friendly, supportive and related to life issues. Come join us for this wonderful journey.

Steve Wilson, Senior Pastor


2431 Marion-Mt. Gilead Rd.
Marion, Ohio 43302

Two Worship Times
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9:15am & 10:45am